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Nrityasadhana, the school of Indian classical dance is the brainchild of Dr Sangeeta Pethkar an Indian classical dancer and a medical practitioner. The academy was founded in the year 2002 in Nasik to fulfil the dreams of those who have a passion to learn the ancient classical dance form.
Nrityasadhana  offers specialised courses as well as training on the basics of Bharatanatyam and Odissi dance and certifies the dancers to pursue their career in prominent global forums. Over the years, the academy has been training scores of students who come from all walks of life and nurtured their passion while creating awareness for leading a healthy lifestyle.
Being one of the most reputed Indian Classical dance institutions in India, we celebrate diverse culture and synthesis the experience of ancient and contemporary art to create masterpieces that become eternal.

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Guru-Dr.Sangeeta Pethkar


Dance is a beautiful way to match with the rhythm of this universe. To form various geometric patterns and intricate tapestries on the floor by tapping your feet – energising – for a sound body and mind. A barefoot dance to connect with Mother Earth – the vibrations to match one’s soul with the vibrations of the cosmos.


Human sentiments are very well understood in Indian classical dance it can be expressed through charismatic facial expressions with minimum verbal use, it makes this dance form complete and helps one to connect within.


Mudras (Hand gestures)

Mudras (hand gestures) are a practice to convey a story. These symbolic gestures have significant dormant potential. The use of combined and separate mudras are one of the most striking features of Indian classical dance.

Nrityasadhana conducts

Bharatanatyam & Odissi classes

Offline regular classes in the City of Nashik,Maharashtra.

Online Bharatnatyam classes

Online Bharatanatyam Classes conducted through Zoom premium.


Online Odissi classes

Online Odissi Classes conducted through Zoom premium.

Dr Sangeeta Pethkar, Founder and Guru of Nrityasadhana, has a desire to mould every aspirant into a paradigm of a perfect dancer. Her passion is what drives our experience of over 20 years, also applying specialised training techniques to groom best dancers with fine grace.Being a medical as well as yoga practitioner helps her to explain the science behind each body movement to connect mind & body through this ancient dance form.Her research work of NrityaYogsutra explains all about it.utra explains all about it

Guru-Dr.Sangeeta Pethkar.

Speciality of Bharatanatyam & Odissi Course by Nrityasadhana

  • Learn Bharatanatyam & Odissi from a 20 years experienced Guru.
  • One to One attention as batch size is restricted. Can opt for personalised batch also·
  • Choose Flexible timings (2 Hrs per week)
  • Get Certificate after a successful completion of each level.
  • Opportunity to perform National/International forums and festivals.
  • Can get Diploma /Degree Certification through our affiliated Tilak Maharashtra University.(UGC Approved)

What Students Say...................

Nrityasadhana Academy provides continuous opportunity for live stage performances . This helps in building confidence and overcoming stage fear at times.I could successfully perform my Arangetram under guidance of tai (Dr Sangeeta Pethkar) and our academy was extremely supportive in organising this event. Frequent workshops are conducted within the academy to enhance learning experience.I feel Nrityasadhana academy has played a vital role in my classical dance journey and I would highly recommend this academy for all interested leararners.Happy learning!!

Rashmi Ruikar
Those previous days were tough,as your body is not ready to cope up with the new things,but Sangeeta Tai taught us everything right from the basics till now she's doing everything for us.She's a charismatic woman which makes her different from other dancers.She's experienced, talented, well-organized,calm,kind and having all the qualities which a dancer should possess. I feel so blessed for finding a Guru like her who actually moulds you , imbibe good values in you and make you a better person. Your appreciating words during dance sessions inspires us to do more. Your teaching method attracts us to learn more and more .
Divya Chafekar
I’ve been learning Odissi from Dr. Sangeeta Pethkar for a few months now. I really enjoy the classes! She teaches well and gives correction very nicely. She’s really sweet and I feel comfortable learning from her. She will show you the steps to make sure you know how it should look. She is also very knowledgeable in Odissi and Bharatanatyam. I would recommend learning from her!

Priti Das